Citizenship Debate

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Statement 1:
Homelessness can happen to anyone

  • What does being homeless mean?
  • Can you think of any reasons why someone might become homeless?
    (Lose job, illness, relationship breakup, evicted by landlord, asked to leave by family, leaving care)
  • What words would you use to describe homeless people?
  • What are your assumptions about homeless people?
  • Are certain people more likely than others to become homeless?
  • Do you know anyone who is, or has ever been, homeless?
Points to consider

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Statement 2:
Homeless people would be all right if they would get themselves a job

  • Can you name some of the things you have to have to get a job?
    (An address, smart, clean clothes, computer access for application, money for travel to the interview, relevant job experience, qualifications)
  • How many of these things do you think a homeless person would have access to?
  • How easy do you think it is to get these things if you’re homeless?
  • Do you think employers would respond differently to someone they knew was homeless?
Points to consider

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Statement 3:
Youth homelessness is the result of young people looking for fun and adventure in towns and cities

  • Where you would go if you decided to leave home tonight?
  • Who would you stay with?
  • How long would you be able to stay for, and where would you be sleeping?
  • What would you do for money?
  • What other options are there for young people who leave home?
  • What are the risks involved in leaving home and moving to a new city or town?
Points to consider

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Statement 4:
The best place for homeless young people is back at home with their families

  • Are all family homes happy and safe?
  • Why do some young people leave their family home?
  • Can you think of any reasons why someone wouldn’t be able to live with their family?
  • When might it not be safe for a young person to live at home with their family?
  • What would you do if your family asked you to leave home?
Points to consider

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Statement 5:
It is too easy for young people to leave home

  • What would you need to plan for if you decided to leave home?
    (Accommodation, money, bills, pay rent, job, furniture...)
  • Where would you go – and how would you get there?
  • How much money do you think you would need to live on each day?
  • How do you think your friends, family and other people would treat you?
Points to consider

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Statement 6:
If you are homeless and under 18 or pregnant, the council will have to give you a flat

  • How easy do you think it is to get council housing?
  • Do you think you would get a house straight away?
  • What kind of accommodation do you think you would get?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a teenage parent?
  • What’s the difference between social services and council housing?
Points to consider

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Statement 7:
Everyone deserves a home

  • Do you think having a home is a basic human need?
  • What does home mean to you?
  • When do you think a home might not be a home?
  • Should people take responsibility for their own home? What might these responsibilities be?
    (Paying rent on time, keeping a house in good condition, paying the bills...)
  • When should the authorities pay for someone’s home, and when should they pay for it themselves?
Points to consider
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