The real results of the cases

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Case one – struggling to pay for a home

The real advice given was ‘a’. Because the client’s new job will make him better off, we would have a good argument for persuading the building society to let him stay in his home while the debt is paid.

Shelter advisers are often on hand at the county court to support people through repossession cases, but this is a last resort option – if we had more time to help someone, we’d certainly take action before they were in front of the judge.

Shelter will help anyone with a housing problem – whether they live on the street, rent a place or own their own home.

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Case two – living in a run-down home

The real advice given was ‘c’. Some Shelter projects can help with improvements on run-down homes, but it wouldn’t have worked here because the sheltered housing was in a state of serious structural disrepair.

Suggesting someone should stay with friends or family isn’t a practical long-term solution, because it could lead to overcrowding.

Shelter put pressure on the council to resolve the situation quickly. They arranged for the client to transfer to a better sheltered housing scheme.

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Case three – stuck in an overcrowded home

The real advice given was ‘b’. The council’s policy was indeed illegal, and the client had the right to request more suitable accommodation.

The council’s housing department accepted that their policy of not allocating housing to under-18s was unlawful.

They found the client and her child a suitable property, and provided a support package to help them settle in to the area.

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Case four – thrown out of home

The real advice given was ‘a’. Shelter doesn’t provide soup or beds for people who are living on the street, but tries to help them resolve their housing crisis as swiftly as possible.

We would never suggest that someone should return to their home if domestic violence was involved.

In this case, the client found a place in a women’s refuge, and in the long term, we helped her apply for housing benefit and find a private flat to rent.

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